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My stalker is at it again, y'all.
And despite her saying I'M the stalker...I was the one who had protection orders out on her and what not. The reason charges were dismissed was because of a paperwork error, which pissed the judge off completely. He apologized to me and told seasinphony that she was sick and cruel. Everyone knew she was guilty, and I mean everyone. The reason why she has been abusing me and stalking me? Because her ex boyfriend told me that he caught her cheating on him with an ex of mine. She went through his messages, saw it, and attacked me. Rather than be an adult and take responsibility for her actions, she began a crusade to destroy me. It's pathetic.

You can ask the artist Martine Johanna Reith and poet Sarah Harvey about her, for she ripped them off publicly, as if she feels like her actions will garner no consequence. They can tell you about her.

If I had done 1/10th of the things my stalker said I had done, I'd still be in jail, (it's been 2 1/2 years since she started abusing me). So, consider the source. If she ever had a restraining order out on me she'd post that on every single site known to man. But, she never got one so she won't. The only thing she has is me copying her FB posts to see if she looked on my page. I did that because she was telling everyone that she never looks at my stuff (yet still had a lot to say about every pic/post I made). I came up with the idea and told my friends about it, and they thought it was the perfect honeypot. My plan worked, and she uses that dead horse to "prove" I am this murderous psychopath. So...again.....consider the source ;) (Wink)

She also followed me here. I have all the legal paperwork to prove she is a liar and a thief. They are so damning that she had to say that I faked them all to save face. As soon as she made that silly post saying I'm creating accounts to harass her, she made one, underwaterwulf, to harass ME. 

**ALSO** I have been receiving messages from people stating that Seasinphony has been accusing them of being fake account I supposedly made up. Don't worry about it. That's her first go-to lie when she has been caught in her own lies. One time she even accused Martine Johanna Reith of being me because she asked her to stop stealing her art. So.....yea.
If Seasinphony names you in her lie-filled blog just ignore and warn your other friends about her. I recommend you linking this entry if you need to just in case she wants to cause issues and harass your friends as well. If she gets super bored she will try to discredit anyone who is my friend but this blog can easily shut her up so feel free to share this, in case she wants to continue being stupid and abusive. Remember she has nothing else but her aggressively abusive tactics to scare people into believing her. If any one follows her it is best to unfollow and block her from commenting on your stuff. Below are the screenshots and evidence that everything she said about me in her blog is an outright lie. She freely admits to lying privately as she broadcasts her abuse publicly. She feels untouchable because she bullies people into compliance. She tried to bully me in compliance 2 1/2 years ago because she didn't want her affair public but I broke free from her abuse. TO ENSURE A CLEAN BREAK PLEASE BLOCK SEASINPHONY FROM YOUR DEVIANTART AND FACEBOOK. I know some of you have blocked her from FB too because of her lies, and it was the best choice. 

Here's some proof that Seasinphony is an over zealous thief AND hypocrite CW: racism, bullying. At the bottom there are my legal protection orders against her. This isn't even all the evidence of her lies and abuse, this is merely the very tippy top of the iceberg. Again, please block and ignore her. 

Faking by HecateBast

Caid by HecateBast

14563443 197001827390617 7355672050676471805 N by HecateBast

14522971 197003347390465 6062822268417085128 N by HecateBast

14516492 197003444057122 5493516949745582110 N by HecateBast

14556121 196558604101606 2133471176 N by HecateBast

14556124 196558580768275 1262680233 N by HecateBast

14580528 196558550768278 356463696 N by HecateBast

14556032 196558584101608 1387994394 N by HecateBast

14569119 196558594101607 1047657277 N by HecateBast

Blog3456554 by HecateBast

Racist by HecateBast

Blog2343543 by HecateBast

Blog123 by HecateBast

Blog45678987 by HecateBast

Blog by HecateBast

14593329 197121164045350 1310676701 N by HecateBast

14593146 196558557434944 801222653 N by HecateBast

Here is Seasinphony ADMITTING she lied in court 

Admissiontolie by HecateBast

MY LEGAL EPO/PPO AGAINST SEASINPHONY (Real name Tiffany Kara Satterfield. She uses her mom's maiden name "Groulx" here).

Epo by HecateBast

Ppo by HecateBast

Tiffany ADMITTING to sending herself messages to say I did it. 

Aann7 by HecateBast


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Hecate Bast
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I keep forgetting about this section. I'm just so busy with work and art (and yes, life haha) that I literally forget to add things on here. Honestly, I don't really like filling these things out because I really don't know how to talk about myself. I like a lot of things when it comes to aesthetics, but I mainly enjoy florals, space, nautical, and macabre. I do love colors so watercolors always attracts me.

I got into the arts at a young child. It was mostly acting and opera. Yea, I was an opera singer for a while but my voice changed and life happened. I still act but sparingly, not because I'm uninterested, I'd preform in a second if you'd let me :P

Now I've been channeling emotions through art of all kinds. I really can't draw per se but I love editing and mixed media art. I used to paint more when I was a teen going through cancer. I actually found all my old paints and other materials so I went to town on them, sort of speak.

I also make jewelry. I've used wire wrapping, cloth studs, and other materials to make hundreds of pieces that I've sold throughout the years. I also like to frankenstein broken jewelry to create new pieces. Most of them I keep but I do sell some off.

I'll add more to this when I get the urge to type about myself.


This weekend I attended the Southhampton Renaissance Faire in Courtland, Va for part of my birthday celebration (My birthday is tomorrow!). I had the best time and met a lot of cool people. I wore 2 different outfits and had a photo shoot with a professional photographer for a project of his. I will get those pictures in a few weeks so needless to say I'm really excited to see what he came up with! The first day I kept it easy with basic medieval attire but today I went all out as a Fairy. I wasn't the only Fae there so of course I had to take a pic with the others! Here are a few pics from the festival and I'll probably add more as time goes by :)
Rf4 by HecateBast  
A rarity: Me without glasses!

Rf2 by HecateBast
It looked like a garden threw up!

Rf5 by HecateBast
Hair in a bun with basic stuff on. 

Rf3 by HecateBast
Other Faes!!!

Rf by HecateBast
Had to showcase this beaut! 


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