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Hecate Bast
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United States
A vertebrate takes no notice of a nematode

I keep forgetting about this section. I'm just so busy with work and art (and yes, life haha) that I literally forget to add things on here. Honestly, I don't really like filling these things out because I really don't know how to talk about myself. I like a lot of things when it comes to aesthetics, but I mainly enjoy florals, space, nautical, and macabre. I do love colors so watercolors always attracts me.

I got into the arts at a young child. It was mostly acting and opera (I'm an alto)
I am a trained musical theatre performer, violinist, and as of right now an amateur pianist.
The photography I shoot is with either my android or my new Nikon D3300 and longscope as well as a polarizing lens for water shoots.
The genre that really speaks to me is the Surrealist movement and I also love bright colors. I have a lot of "moody" work I've yet to put up but I may scatter them alongside my other pieces.
Poetry speaks to me as well. Being a descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson I have such a close relationship with words, even when I can't convey them fluently (I have a stutter that has plagued me my entire life. Even with intense speech therapy I still have it whoops lol).

I also make jewelry. I've used wire wrapping, cloth studs, and other materials to make hundreds of pieces that I've sold throughout the years. I also like to frankenstein broken jewelry to create new pieces. Most of them I keep but I do sell some off.
Unfortunately I have a stalker that followed me onto this site. Please read the blog in reference to this horrid person. Since she felt the need to abuse me here I was forced to refute her lies; which in turn forced me to relive her savage abuse towards me. Please spread the word and block/report her. Link here:…

I'll add more to this when I get the urge to type about myself.
*My stalker has never, EVER, filed any sort of protection order against me. No matter how many times she tries to pound it into the mind of others, her delusion that she can abuse me legally has easily been disproven daily; as she spends every waking moment coming up with new lies to defame me. Despite people asking, even begging her to produce legal paperwork of her supposed restraining order against me, she has never posted them. Nimbue's admitted unapologetic obsession with me had bled over to this site as soon as she found out I joined last year. Please read everything so you can have a better understanding of the aggressive abuse I've been subjected to by Nimbue for the past 3 YEARS.
Because she has been outed and her arrests are public record, she needs to say that everything is fake in order to pretend she's innocent. Please protect yourself against this known abuser/art thief. I have never "faked" warrants, restraining orders, accounts, or abuse to frame her. Everything piece of evidence I have came from her own mouth, hands, computer, and influence. The reason she has been abusing me is because her "partner" messaged me, telling me he caught her cheating with a very old ex of mine. She read the messages and tried to blame me for the affair so she wouldn't get kicked out HIS parents house. I refused to let her blame me for the affair so she's been attacking me ever since.** 

I have been a victim of stalking and abuse at the hands of Nimbue Tiffany Kara Satterfield (uses "Groulx" and "Nance" for surnames to hide herself from being investigated), formerly seasinphony. Everything she has said about me are complete lies, and unlike her, I have the evidence to prove it; which I am more than willing to provide. She has provided nothing but still wants you to believe her wretched stories about me.


I have condensed the evidence into this post. Please read through it all as it proves that everything I have said is the absolute truth. There is also a link to a Youtube I was forced to create to PROVE I don't fake screencaps.:

On this site alone Nimbue has gone as far as comb through my profile and groups, investigate every single person who has liked/commented, and accuse them of being a fake account solely because they have liked/commented on my work. She is insanely jealous that barely anyone genuinely likes her, so she attacks people who genuinely likes me. Lately she has been joining all my groups and try to get the admins to ban me, all the while saying I'm stalking her.

It's amazing how she can copy everything, even rip off the titles to my own pieces, yet claim I'm doing the same. I know it sounds really petty, but the only reason I'm bringing this up is because she has the audacity to copy me then whine to her creeper followers that I copy her (time stamps don't lie, Tiffany, but you do). The titles she stole from me are: "repose", "purity" "wonderland" "come back to me" "velutinous" "curvature" "cosima" "september" "damsel" "haunted" "fallen" "sibylline" "reverie" "gilded" "diaphanous" "grace" "florette" "nimbus" "Mischievous" "Sometimes" "apathy" "girl" "petals"(so far). As I've said before, no one own words, and there are others with same titles as each other, that's not the issue. The issue is her doing it then saying I'm the one "stealing" her titles. Tiffany is relentless in her quest to destroy me. This is the only thing she lives for and will neglect her own child just to see if her actions will cause me any ounce of suffering.  

Nimbue always spouts off the saying "quality over quantity" when she has wayyy more followers than I do, and they only acknowledge her when she posts her decade old nudes and gives out points for attention. It must really be hurtful for her to spend literally every waking moment trying to garner more followers than me just to have them only pay attention to her for that. Maybe she scripts that saying to ease her self conscious or something lol. She is immensely jealous that despite she has twice as many followers than I have, I still get more likes, faves, posts, mentions, and comments for my hard work. 

Also, she has stolen art and poetry from poet/author Sarah Harvey, Poppy Z Brite, and artist Martine Johanna Reith. When asked to take the stolen art down, Nimbue cursed them out and tried to ruin their reputation. This bully cannot stand being called out on her shit so she lashes out like a child. (Evidence in the link above)

Now she's trying to save face by accusing me of stealing work and tried to use the changes of the settings I use on my camera as "proof". It's called "growing" and "learning" and "changing the settings on my camera for the desired effect". Just because she uses the SAME filter on the camera that's not even hers, and uses the same filters on Pixlr ("worn" and "Metal" are her favorites, BTW), doesn't mean other people can't grow. Nimbue is the most unoriginal and basic user I've ever seen on this site hands down. Even if she weren't abusing me, I'd still feel that her "work" is quite rudimentary. But, if my stuff sucks so much then why does she constantly steals from me? Again, she can't keep a lie straight to save her life. And for her saying I created my group for the sole purpose of harassing her? Of course she is lying about that as well. She created her libelous blog back in March and I created mine in August of that same year. So her saying that I did it first is delusional. Everyone can access my group so I urge you to check it out and see for yourself. It'll take all but 10 seconds to realize there's nothing relating to her in my group besides this journal being submitted. Yet another lie of hers exposed.  
For her to enlist her keyboard warriors to say everything I do is shit goes to show the level of desperation she is at to discredit me as an artist. My main focus is surrealism and bright colors because that's what I enjoy. From what I gather, she claims to love surrealism and follows some of the same artists I do, but when I employ similar techniques it's automatically "low class" and "shitty". Coming from an art thief, her pathetic attempts to insult a whole genre of art for the sake of trying to embarrass me makes her look like a bully.

***The magistrate looked her up in the system, deemed her VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS, and issued warrants.***

This person had stolen my identity and created accounts of me, divulging personal contact information of mine and contact information of my family. 
Nimbue had previous warrants against her and has an extensive criminal record, hence the magistrate deeming my complaint worthy of a protection order due to her violent past. 

Nimbue even admitted she set her own house on fire to avoid prison.

She really didn't need to go through all that trouble, because charges were dismissed, due to a paperwork error, which pissed the judge off completely. He apologized to me and told Nimbue that she was sick and cruel.
It WAS proven that everything I had accused her of was true, but since the detective didn't sign some paperwork, he was able to get her off of all charges.
She fails to bring that up but then again, she is desperate to be the victim in every scenario.
The judge also threatened to hold the detective in contempt for obstruction of justice, and in a separate investigation after the case, many reports of his gross misconduct came to the surface and his superior had to suspend him. Tiffany didn't help matter when she **posted pictures of them TOGETHER in Marcum Nance's parent's home; bragging that's "how she got off on the charges". She was willing to disgrace herself in someone's else's home and disgrace Marcum as a "partner", as well as commit arson and attempted murder of her daughter and Marcum's mother to get away with abusing me. This isn't an exaggeration, Tiffany Kara Groulx/Satterfield/Nance/Nimbue IS A MONSTER.**
When my grandmother died she found out (through her stalking) and sent me messages of a picture of her ass, telling me to kiss it and rejoiced her death. She later threatened to desecrate my great-grandparents grave, go to my dying grandmother's house and break in, have me curb stomped by men she bragged about bribing with nudes and sexual favors, as well as many other unspeakable things. She threatened to kill me and my dog, so I went to the magistrate to file a complaint. After years of harassment, she sent me a sex tape between herself and my ex on the night she committed the crimes that got her arrested (the first time) for stalking me. She published it on Facebook to humiliate HIM for not taking her back (even though she was still with blinklessINK , the boyfriend she constantly cheats on and abuses). There, she AGAIN threatened the lives of my pets, family, and myself. I collected all the threatening notes, messages, posts, videos, pics, and voicemails she sent and took it to my local magistrate. When I presented evidence, the magistrate looked in disgust and said she needed to grow up. When she looked Nimbue up in the system, she became even more disgusted at her record. Needless to say she was more than happy to issue me my FIRST (of 3) protection orders against Nimbue. It's downright creepy how she finds all my likes, hobbies, and even favorite colors and copies me. She is literally trying to be me and it makes my skin crawl. 

Nimbue says that I have over 100 accounts but of course, she is lying about it. I found out that the list of people she said are fake were ex friends of hers that SHE BLOCKED then called a fake because they were asking her to produce her "restraining order" she keeps saying she has on me. Also, a little digging will prove that she made up the accounts she said I "made" using her family's names/info. The IP address show that at least 30 accounts (so far) she claimed I made, she made from her own computer from her apt in Oceanview in Norfolk Va. No one claimed she was smart.....

This pathetic liar said she offered me an olive branch, but she never has. She's the one who started all of this so for her to say she is willing to delete her blog if i do is bullshit. Nimbue created her blog back in March, this blog was created in August. I HAD to post this to clear my name, so for her to say that she hasn't done anything to start/perpetuate this is an egregious lie. What EVERYONE needs to know about her is that SOLID FACTS will never deter her from creating her own narrative where she is the victim. She thrives off of being seen as an abused victim all the while she abuses and victimizes every person she is in contact with. Nimbue is the embodiment of toxic. 
She will continue to lie and say that I copy her, follow her, message her, stalk her, and attack her as she follows my every move, online and in real life, daily. I still don't know how she is able to have me tracked but everything I do, she always has something to say about my day to day activities. Nimbue will say she wants nothing to do with me but her actions confirms her unhealthy obsession with me. 
 She only joined only to harass me and get people to hurt me, and now she has been changing her blog to copy my words VERBATIM to sound more like a victim. She is so taken by me that she is even copying this very blog and is VERY obsessed with both being me and destroying my life simultaneously.

Nimbue comes off as this sweet gentle person, but it's all an act. She will make herself appear docile and doe-eyed to lure you into a false sense of security--only to use you for whatever she wants out of you. The proof is right there in her blog about me. It's seeping with desperation and contradictions. Honestly, there is nothing good about this person. She has tried to kill BOTH of her children (She has 2 kids but only acknowledges 1) on different occasions. The oldest child is with his father in another state and he is thriving. Nimbue tried to smother him to death with he was a baby, so all of her parental rights have been suspended. He just turned 10 and it's a literal blessing that he doesn't know that this monster exists. **When she burned down her boyfriend's parent's house to frame me she almost killed her daughter, the one she so graciously acknowledges.** Her bf has reached out to many people with stories on how Tiffany abuses their daughter and locks her in her room all day. The only time she spends with her is to take pics and pimp her out to creepers for attention. Nimbue is 35 YEARS OLD, lived in a windowless room above the garage of her boyfriend's parents house until they kicked her out because they hated her so much for being a shitty creature, bounced from motel to motel scamming people out of their money, and now she lives in a run down condo above a sewer at a polluted bay. She doesn't drive, work, or even contributes to society in any way. All she does is steal art, harass me, beats and abuses her daughter and blinklessINK, and lies to people to gain sympathy for plights she never goes through.  

So please, if you came her under her orders to harass me, please stop and read the actual truth. Please don't be blinded by her Lolita complex and points; she is a vile bully and will drag you down with her. If she tries to befriend you, it's only to further spread her malice against me. I don't mind answering questions but if you interrogate me when you already decided to fight for her I will not entertain you. I will block you, delete your comments/messages, and report you for harassment. If she is forcing you to fight for her the way she has been doing with dozens of people, please block and report her. 

Time stamps and screenshots don't lie, but Nimbue does.


Whoa!! Some of my pieces made it to the 200 likes category! I'm so honored and humbled by the love and attention <3 
Here are the pieces that reached 200 likes. I love you all!!!
The Upheaval by HecateBast Feathers by HecateBast Fleur de Nuit by HecateBast Mermaid Series: Depth by HecateBast Verdurous by HecateBast Passiflora by HecateBast

As I see my stats I notice a few more are about to reach that milestone as well. This definitely added to my great night!!!!


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